Need Journeyman Millwrights. 28 MW on days and 16 MW on nights for our long term project here at Toyota Motor Manufacturing in San Antonio.
They will need to get orientation on Friday the 24th. They will start working Saturday 6 am to 6 pm for Days and 6 pm to 6 am for Nights.
The M-F schedule will be 8 am – 6 pm Days and 6 pm – 4 am Nights. There will be work continuing through Christmas with only a few days off on M – F in between.
They will need to have OSHA 10 and bring any certifications they have. Their scope of work will be structural steel install and conveyor systems install.
There is no per diem.
Wage 28.19
H&W 5.75
Pension 2.50
Text Dwight Murrah at 281-468-1035

"The performance and attitudes of UBC millwrights that we've seen throughout the entire country has been excellent. They’re working hard and they’re working safe."

Chris Stevens, Owner, Conveyor Specialties

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