Six power gen experienced JOURNEYMAN OR FOURTH YEAR APPRENTICE Millwrights needed to work for OConnor Corp. at Dominion Brunswick Power Station in Freeman Virginia.

JM Rate – $35.05

H&W – $5.35 pr hr wkd

Pension – $7.25 pr hr wkd

Annuity – $4.00 pr hr wkd

Per diem – $75

If interested, email Stephen Verrocchio at

Please include Name, UBC#, Phone#, and last 4 of your social.

Any email received from members that are less than a fourth year apprentice, or emails that do not contain all information requested, will be disregarded.

"UBC millwrights have provided us with a fantastic resource for labor and opened up all kinds of opportunities that we didn’t have access to before."

Greg Moharin, Vice President, Newell Machinery

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