General Motors Spring Hill will begin retooling at the end of September with a need of approximately 300 millwrights.

Scale: $28.71/hr journeyman, $5.00 H&W/hr, $4.20/hr Pension, $3.25/hr Supplemental Pension. $100/day per diem.

Duration: Approximately 60 days, 7-12's on day and night shift.

**Please have members email with the following information:
– Their UBC ID
– A good phone number
– Journeyman or apprentice – if apprentice, what level

We will add anyone who sends an email to our list, and call them as the manpower requests come in.

"UBC millwrights have provided us with a fantastic resource for labor and opened up all kinds of opportunities that we didn’t have access to before."

Greg Moharin, Vice President, Newell Machinery

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