Ford Blue Oval
Stanton TN
Stamping press installation project
9 months working 5-10’s 7am-5:30 Pm **** Night shift starting Oct 30th*****
Journeyman Scale is 30.75/Hr H&W & $5/Hr Pension $4.40/Hr Supplemental pension $4.00/Hr Training $1.25/hr
$50/day per diem (days worked)
Need 15 Millwrights on days starting Immediately!!!! and 15 on nights starting OCT 30th.
If interested, please contact Millwright local 1554 @ 615-874-8591

"The UBC millwright crews are highly productive, with few non-recordable and zero recordable injuries. For logging over 100,000 hours worked on the job so far, that’s not too bad."

Michael F. McCormick, President, Siemens Westinghouse Generation Services President

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