Keith Streeter and I are working with the IKORCC Council to compile a nationwide Solar Jurisdiction book pertaining to all work performed in any capacity on solar projects. Please share this request with your local Carpenter counterparts as well.

We are requesting the following:

Full Copy of any Prejob for any solar project performed in your area
All Letters of assignment
List of all solar projects in your area, completed or upcoming with UBC members
Manhours performed with UBC members on each project
Developer/Owner/Contractor that performed the work
Any other information you feel would be of benefit to the cause

I will happily share the full digital version back with you for your records as well once I complete this as the information will be of great benefit to all of us moving forward.

Thank you in advance for any assistance you can provide

Ron Necco
219-942-0518 office
219-628-3025 cell

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