Contractor: National Steel City
Jobsite: AMNS Steel Mill
Address: 1 Steel Dr., Calvert, AL
Scale: $31.00 JMW Wage/ Apprentices appropriate rate
$5.90 H&W
$4.80 Pension
$2.79 Annuity

Outage starts: March 13, 2023
Duration: 6 months
Shift: Dayshift only 5-10’s until completion, might go to 6/10
Classification needed: 7 Journeymen and 4 Apprentices
Per Diem: none
Please contact Les Roberts 251-454-5771

"The union gave us 100 percent support and created an environment of partnership, relationship, and respect. It was a true success for everybody involved, and the UBC millwrights were the key."

Salvatore DeBiase, Site Project Supervisor, Composite Cooling Solutions

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