2 JM Millwrights needed (1FM, 1JM)
For a project in Defiance, Ohio

Must have experience troubleshooting all operating functions of Automated Acme Screw, and Hydromat Rotating Machines. (rigging, setting, commissioning to point of production, and maintaining all components during production)

Starting 9-15-22 ASAP
Currently scheduled for 40hrs, Duration 2 months
8hrs per day 5 days per week, with daily and weekend OT as required by manufacturing

Per diem -$59 per day
Travel, hotel provided to Millwrights that meet the contractors skill requirements (phone interview with contractor)

JM rate- $33.12 (FM $35.62)
Sup Pension $5.69

Clay Morgan
Office- (419)893-2317
Email- cmorgan@ikorcc.com

"Productivity is our number one consideration and we believe productivity is a result of the excellent safety and quality that UBC millwrights provide."

Howard Guhne, Southeast Operations Manager, Atlantic Plant Maintenance

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