Contractor: Turbine Pros
Agents : please provide all information below if possible. Thank you in advance.

(10) JOURNEYMEN Millwrights needed for approximately 6 weeks of 6-10's in Ludington, Michigan.
(5)Day Shift
(5)Night Shift
TWIC or level three background check for site clearance
Drug test on site
Start Date – As soon as possible
Perdiem – $50 per day worked
Total Taxable Wage – $36.87
Healthcare – $7.05 X hours worked
MRA – $1.00 X hours worked
Pension – $13.81 X hours worked
Supplemental Pension – $10.45 X hours paid
Total Package – $70.50
Night Shift – +$2.00

Contact Scott Huff @ Millwrights Local 1102

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