Certified Stick Welder

Journeyman certified welder with conveyor experience needed for long term work at Reagan National Airport in Washington DC. Job will last through the Summer at minimum. Night Shift. $39.49 per hr $5.35 health & welfare $5.68 pension $1.00 annuity NO PER DIEM

Millwrights With Current MSHA Training

Millwrights with Current MSHA training needed St. Mary's Cement Charlevoix, MI 2-3 weeks 7/12's Starting Tuesday March 10 at 7PM (Night Shift) For additional info and placement call: Call Agent Kelly Raleigh 989-344-1200 Scale – 26.99 Vacation – 1.60 Health and Welfare – 7.28 Pension – 13.81 Supplemental (Annuity) – 3.00

"Productivity is our number one consideration and we believe productivity is a result of the excellent safety and quality that UBC millwrights provide."

Howard Guhne, Southeast Operations Manager, Atlantic Plant Maintenance

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