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Hear from Our Customers

“The crews did very well and they were very professional. The UBC has provided us with a level of experise that is beyond what we expected. The most important asset is their skill set. The training that the union provides is to be commended.”

— Mike Arnoff, Owner, Arnoff (Mechanical Equipment) Moving

“The crews are highly productive, with few non-recordable and zero recordable injuries. For logging 100,000 hours worked on the job so far, that’s not too bad.”

— Michael F. McCormick, President, Siemens Westinghouse Generation Services President

“UBC millwrights have provided us with a fantastic resource for labor and opened up all kinds of opportunities that we didn’t have as a non-union company.”

— Greg Moharin, Vice President, Newell Machinery

“The performance we’re seeing across the country and the attitudes we’re seeing from UBC millwrights is excellent. They’re working hard, and they’re working safe.”

— Chris Stevens, Owner, Converyor Specialties

“The union’s been great in finding the qualified millwrights that we need.”

— Shane Ferguson, Labor Coordinator, Universal Plant Services

“The union gave us 100 percent support and created an environment of partnership, relationship, and respect. It was a true success for everybody involved, and the carpenters played the key,”

— Salvatore DeBiase, site project supervisor for Composite Cooling Solutions

“Productivity is our number one issue, and we believe productivity is a result of the excellent safety and quality that UBC millwrights provide.”

— Howard Guhne, Southeast Operations Manager, Atlantic Plant Maintenance

“In today’s environment, you have to continuously be improving....Their people are the most highly qualified people that can be on a jobsite.”

— Rick Rives, President, Atlantic Plant Maintenance